There they are again. Those echoes. Reminders to look beyond my circumstances and into your eyes. To focus on you instead of my fear. And right now I could have great fear. When I stop looking into your eyes I am overwhelmed. I am fearful and frustrated. Angry and untrusting. And it’s hard to remember why I shouldn’t be. It’s hard to remember that I need to look back into your eyes. But when I do remember you are right there. You’re waiting for me to remember you. Waiting to provide the peace that surpasses understanding. With calm and peace and loving kindness you return my gaze. And the fact that I looked away in the first place makes me feel foolish. But you overlook my foolishness and lack of trust. Looking into your eyes I forget why I should be fearful. What is there to fear when the God who created the universe is staring at me with nothing but love in His eyes?